by Ryquan

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Tyquan and I were initially planning to do an acoustic follow up to Lylat's Pride release, as something that people could have for free, but as Lylat disintegrated and started building into something new, these two recordings fell to the way-side.


released January 26, 2015

rick, tyquan



all rights reserved


Lylat Conway, Arkansas

We play music, you listen to music, we're perfect for each other.

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Track Name: Flutter (Acoustic)
I wish that I could slip into my deepest dreams, because strength feels a lot like being weak.
On top of mountains, air is dry and hard to breathe.
Or so it seems.

It's a tragedy what happened to your heart, licking up glass off that dirty floor and swalling pride like a picked at scab;
and finding out that it the best option you had.

I'll wait for you.
(I'll find a way to stay)
I'll find a way to stay positive, I'm positive.

My thoughts in transit, a transatlantic poetry.
I'm drifting off..
It's not half as good as we hoped it'd be,
but I'll keep looking for it.

I'll wait for you.
I won't be afraid of the truth.

Is everything about promises? It's not important to be right.
But I'll work on broken promises and I'll keep waiting for you,
Track Name: The Quintessential Friend is Sick of Being It
Come and say just what you did, how it was, and who with.
Come and say just where you've gone.
Well, where haveyou gone?

Becuase I've been waiting on this for my whole life.
I've been under the spell of your eyes.
I've been waiting for you to untie my heart.

So tell me now just where you've gone and why you've left me all alone.
Tell me now, just where are you and how am I supposed to ever catch up?

Or am I just cursed to this for the rest of my life?
To keep chasing after that glare in your eyes.
I'll keep waiting for you to untie my heart.